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Blind Man Shooting.

It was a warm afternoon and my cousin Steve and his friend Mike had come out for a hunt with us this season. Steve had been hunting turkey for a long time, but this was Mikes first time out. There was just one problem, Mike was blind. So we headed up the hill and sat down along some logs. It was a nice clear day and tiny fluffy clouds dotted the bright blue sky.

We let out a few clucks and waited. A loud gobble came across the valley and we smiled at each other. This was Mikes hunt, we wanted him to get his first turkey today. So we waited patiently for the turkey to come. Steve was going to sight the gun for Mike since he couldn't do it himself and then tell him when to shoot.

It didn't take long for the turkey to make it up the hill and strut into view. Steve was slightly excited, I could tell by the deep breathing exercises he was practicing as the turkey struted before us. Just then he started screaming "SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!"... and of course Mike, thinking Steve had already sighted the gun for him, shot.. and hit a rock about 30 feet away from the turkey. Hearing it hit the rock, Mike lept up and jumped up and down, yelling at Steve, "Are you BLIND or something!?" ... which was pretty funny to the rest of us, because it was Mike who was really blind, not Steve. Every time we pass that rock on the way into our turkey area. We still get a good laugh out of the fun one excited hunter had when he was suppost to be the eyes for a blind hunter.