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Uncle Antsy

It was just like any other day in the Oregon Territories. We'd hunted all day and had not seen a thing. We weren't feeling very happy because we'd not even heard a turkey that day. So we mopped around camp and filled ourselves with M&M's and Butterfingers, grieving foods you see. It was getting pretty late when we decided we'd give the day one more try. We'd certainly not done very well at our usual hunting spot so we'd decided we'd go try other places. We drove high up into the mountains and went out into a oak grove.

We sat down under some oak trees and waited, hoping that maybe we'd perhaps get a call. So we made a cluck, but heard nothing. We sighed and got ready to pack up, but then a gobble came. We could see two dots in the far distance coming our way.(3/4 of a mile and in a canyon) We all beamed at each other and sat down to try and bag the turkeys.

After waiting a long time the turkeys were getting closer to the top of the hill like they were on a string. I told my brother-in-law Dennis (the infamous killer of all that lives) to move closer so that he could get the first shot. He'd never gotten a turkey and I really wanted him to get one. He began leaping and bouncing trying to hide behind every tiny tree. It was almost comical as he ran around trying to hide from the birds like a pixy. Unfortunately it wasn't funny to the turkeys who quickly spotted his silly little dance and ran off. They'd been some pretty HUGE turkeys with beards that dragged the ground and heads so red they were almost crimson. Other then Dennis dancing, we didn't see anything interesting the entire day.