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Lets Split Up!

So I went hunting with my father, cousin and his friend. We trudged up the hill to hunt and when we got up there we decided we'd split into two groups to make it easier to catch the turkeys. My father and I went down the ridge and my cousin and his friend went down the road a ways in case they came up the road. We each had calls. So my father and I settled down to wait for dawn. As the sun streaked over the mountains in brilliant gold and red we heard the turkeys gobbling. It sounded for sure like they were coming from where my cousin and his friend had gone. So we kept waiting for the golden rays to reach us so we could see far enough in front of our faces as to see anything coming. As the day warmed and the dark receded the gobbling stopped and we continued to wait. Three hours we waited like that, until my butt was sore and soft sores were coming from my fathers direction. I kept alert just in case and low and behold, a group of about 10 turkeys came down the hill, my father was snoring like a son of a gun by then and I was terrified the turkey would spook. So I aimed and WHAM.. down went a turkey. I could hear my father doing flips as he was startled awake by the shotgun blast. I ended up getting my turkey, but my father woke up in time for all the turkey to run away. After bagging that turkey we met up with my cousin and his friend but they hadn't seen anything. Then we went tracking all through the wilderness trying to locate more turkey. We never did find any turkey, and that dead turkey on my back got very heavy, but it was a fun adventure!!