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Adventures with Sasquatch

Though many don't believe it, this story is completely true and Steve, my cousin, to this day swears that he meet Sasquatch and that he lived to tell about it.

It all started one afternoon as Steve, my brother-in-law Dennis, and I went out elk hunting. Steve went into a grove of trees about 10 miles out of camp, while Dennis and I drove out somewhere else to hunt. The day went on and Dennis and I were unable to locate any elk so we drove back up to where we'd dropped Steve off. We expected him to be waiting there on a rock or log, since it was well past dark when we got there, but Steve was nowhere. We walked up and down the road calling his name, screaming and shouting for him to answer. After spending quite a while searching we desided to go back to camp and get some lanterns incase he had fallen and hurt himself. We started to return to camp when we noticed that there was a large arrow made out of limbs in the middle of the road. Then we knew Steve had followed the road back to camp and we would more than likly intercept him before we completely made it to camp. We traveled the ten miles to camp, but had not found Steve along the road side. Just as we came around the corner to camp we could see that someone had started a rather large bon fire at our fire pit. As we pulled into camp a crazy man was at the door of the truck yelling obscenities about something we could not make out. Once out of the truck it became clear that he was scare to death and needed to tell us of what he had witnessed. He began by saying that everything had been alright until he was half way down an elk trail that lead to a big clearing. When he began to get that feeling something was watching him. He slowly turned and scanned the area around him and out of the corner of his eye caught movement from some trees near by. Steve then put his full attention to the location the movement had come from and there it was looking back at him with the same curious stare. This frightened him thinking the creater looked like a bear on it's hind legs. So he started to move away from the creature only to have it follow him. He would move ten yards, the creature would move ten yards, making his hair stand on end with this issue. Finally he said he began to run, but not before he made the arrow pointing back to camp so we would not go into where the creature was. The Thing needless to say followed him all ten miles back to camp and stopped just before camp. Steve said that the creature gave out with a sound that he had never heard before and that was the end of his encounter with what was later in his mind to be a Sasquatch. We thought this was kind of funny, but Steve was still not himself when we turned in for the night. Being the jokesters we are and with Steve sleeping in his own Van, we thought we would sneak up to the outside of his van and push on it a little to get him exited. So outside Dennis and myself went to scare the victim again by moving his van with a little Sasquatch sound effects. As we began to rock the Van from inside came the cocking of a revolver, two jodesters made it back to their beds in record time and I believe never touching the ground. Next morning in camp we awokeup to find Steve and everything he'd brought, was gone.

So Dennis and I went on out to go hunting, having thoroughly gotten a laugh over Steve's story of the previous night. Dennis, who is well known for his strange timing of when he needs to go to the bathroom and for squishy face he makes to let us know that he can not go any further without going right now. I went on up the hill and did some scouting for elk. When he returned he was out of breath and excited! He wanted me to go with him to look at his poop. I was less then willing at first, but he kept telling me I just had to see it, so I finally gave in to humor him. I went with him and he showed me his poop, it was amazing! The human intestine is 28 inches long and this, yes we measured it, was 28 inches long and not only that but it was green. So we smirked at each other as the idea came to us, a Sasquatch turd!

So we went to camp and the next weekend when Steve came back up we announced our discovery. Steve was SO excited! He told us how he was gonna go up into the woods and get the turd and take it to OMSI (a museum) and he'd have the first Sasquatch turd ever found. So we all went up into the woods, Steve with his garbage bag and stick and us trying to hold our laughter. Dennis had went up earlier to clear away the toilet paper around the discovery so we were set. Steve yelped and beamed when he saw it. He was so happy that he'd found such a great discovery! He bent over to scoop it into the bag when Dennis and I burst out laughing. We finally told him. but at first he couldn't belive that Dennis had done it. He was still gonna scoop it up cause he thought we were joking about it NOT being bigfoot poop. Finally we were able to make him believe us, but we sometimes wonder what would have happened if we'd not have told Steve. Dennis would have been able to go to OMSI to visit his poop, and later down the road scientists would look at the poop and do studies on it and find that big foot eats butterfingers and chili and pepto bismo. So when the time comes that you meet a Sasquatch be kind and don't run but enjoy the experience.